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The Monolith iPhone 4/4S Micro Projector

The Japanese tech company Sanwa Supply is selling the Monolith 400-PRJ011 now on its online store. It’s a slim DLP micro projector that works with iPhone 4/4S and doubles as a protective case.

The device comes with a build-in 2100 Ah battery that takes roughly 5 hours to fully charge and provides around 3 hours of projector use.

The projector has an astonishing 640X360 resolution and weighs close to 103 grams.

It also features build-in internal speakers that are used in addition to the iPhone 4’s speakers.

The Monolith not only acts as a projector and protects your iPhone, but it also acts as an external battery pack. When the projector function is turned off, the device will charge their iPhone and add up to a 100 percent battery life. The device can also connect to your computer through a USB cable. Though it is both compact and highly useful, the Monolith does not sacrifice functionality.

The projected screen can go up to 65 inches in size at a range of close to 3 meters with a maximum brightness of 12 lumens. Sanwa’s Monolith makes giving a quick business presentation, playing games, and watching videos on the iPhone 4/4S a lot easier. If you’re interest in purchasing this product but currently live outside of Japan, you can buy through specialized shopping sites like Japan Trend Shop and Flutterscape.

The Sanwa Monolith iPhone 4/4S Micro Projector sells for around 20,000¥ or $260.


  • Works with iPhone 4/4S
  • DLP projector
  • Resolution: 640 x 360
  • Size: 63.5 x 126.6 x 22mm (2.5 x 5 x 0.9″)
  • Cable length: 76cm (29.9″) (included)
  • Weight: 103g (3.6 oz)
  • Aspects: 16:9
  • Focus: manual
  • Life: LED, around 20,000 hours
  • Brightness: maximum 12 ANSI lumen
  • Range: 48.8-292.2cm (19.2-115″)
  • Screen size: 7-65″
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Battery: 2,100mAh rich lithium battery
  • Charging time: around 5 hours
  • Usage time: around 2.5 hours






























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