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The USB Owl Computer Accessory

Something about this little guy makes him simply irresistible. The USB Owl is a computer accessory that entertains, and relaxes throughout the hard work day.

The robotic animated owl winks its eyes and moves its head curiously, flapping its wings from time to time to get your attention.

The Owl is powered through its attached USB cable and works on very little energy – making it a fun, environment-friendly office toy.


The USB Owl has comes programmed with three modes you can set: Active, Slow, and Sleep.

This fun desktop companion therefore can be very lively, moderately active from time to time, or in a dormant state. Regardless of the setting, it’s never noisy so it won’t disturb your co-workers.

The USB Owl comes with a clip that allows you to perch it on top of your computer monitor.

It also has an optional tree stump that you can place it on should you prefer that to your computer.

Simply plug the USB cable into your laptop, PC or other computer USB 2.0 port and the USB Owl computer accessory will begin automatically.

Sometimes I think about the first person to who started the “random USB gadget” trend, because these gadgets just seem to be getting better and better every day.


The USB Owl features:

  • Height: 5.5cm (2.3″)
  • Colors: white, grey, brown, pink
  • Compatibility: any computer/operating system with a powered USB port








































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