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USB OTG Adapter Connects USB Accessories to Your Android Device

A USB OTG adapter allows you to connect devices like keyboards, external USB hard drives, and even gaming controllers to your Android smartphone or tablet computer.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit already allows you to connect a number of unexpected USB devices, like an MIDI keyboard, to their iOS iPads. But what can I use for Android? Even though it isn’t really advertised or sold by any of the big Android phone manufacturers, the solution is an inexpensive usb cable called a USB On-The-Go Adapter.

A USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter is basically a female USB port that plugs into the Micro-USB port on your smartphone or tablet computer, and lets you connect devices to it that use standard USB 2.0 or 3.0 connections. In other words, this adapter lets an Android device become a “USB host,” powering and communicating with your connected device.

Thus far, it has been a bit complicated to figure out exactly which Android devices are compatible with the USB OTG adapter. We have found however, that most Samsung Android smartphones and tablets are able to connect to the device successfully.

Even though the USB host mode is technically available in all devices running Android 3.1 or higher, the hardware manufacturers must first enable this option – which not all do. For commercial reasons, manufacturers sometimes limit the types of USB devices that an Android phone or tablet supports.

So far, we’ve been able to successfully connect the following Android devices to the USB OTG adapter:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus 7
  • Droid RAZR
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Acer Iconia Tab A200
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500
  • Archos G9
  • Notion Ink Adam
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Toshiba Excite 10
  • Sony Tablet S

As a quick note, keep in mind that although the Galaxy Nexus may support many USB accessories, they do not support mass storage devices, like external hard drives and usb flash drives.

It is possible that some additional devices might become compatible with future Android software updates, namely Android Jelly Bean, but until that time, those of you who want to hook up your USB accessories to your unsupported Android devices will have to root.

Unfortunately, there is no included manual or set of instructions on how to use the USB OTG adapter. It also does not include any list whatsoever on what kind of USB accessories are compatible with it either. But that’s why we’re here.

When you plug your OTG adapter into your Android device, a quick notification will let you know that your smartphone or tablet has recognized the adapter and is ready to be a USB host. From that point, you can begin testing out your various USB accessories to figure out which ones work.

Here’s what I found worked on the Samsung Galaxy S3:

USB Drives – When you plug in a USB drive, your Android will quickly display its contents. You can then play movies or music, view photos and open documents. The interface also lets you move or copy your data on the USB drive to your phone’s micro SD card. I found this to be the most practical use of the USB OTG adapter, and a quick way to transfer files onto your phone.

Keyboards – If you need to do some heavy writing on your smartphone for some reason, you could attach a standard computer keyboard, both wired and wireless, to type on your Android phone or tablet’s notes app. Even traditional shortcuts like Ctrl-C and Ctrl-A will work just fine.

Mouse – Now this is cool. You can connect a computer mouse, wired or wireless, and use a traditional cursor that pops up on the screen to navigate through your Android device.

USB Hubs – With a USB hub you can actually connect both your keyboard and mouse and use them at the same time. Using your USB OTG adapter, not only can you do this, but people will think that you have the world’s smallest desktop. Keep in mind however, that your Android device’s battery will drain pretty quickly.

Powered Hard Drives – Since your Android device charges whatever is connected to it, a self powered hard drive will not work. However, you can use a powered hard drive, since it relies on energy from an external source. And just like with USB drives, you can read, write and transfer files right onto your Android device.

PlayStation 3 Controllers – Now we’re ready to have some fun. The USB OTG adapter can also connect your PS3 controllers to your Android device. Right when you connect it, you can navigate the interface using the analog stick. Even better though, the controller works with some Android games.

Card readers – Photographers will love this little icing on the cake. The USB OTG adapter is also compatible with card readers. Basically, you can shoot photos on your camera and then upload them on-the-go using your Android smartphone or Tablet. This could be great for professional photographers to show their clients previews of their work or share some RAW files of photo shoots through apps like Instagram and Facebook.

USB to Ethernet Adapters – Let’s say you don’t have Wi-Fi in your area, or you want to secure Internet connection, then you can connect a USB to Ethernet adapter to your USB OTG and connect your smartphone or tablet to a wired Ethernet connection.

With the Jelly Bean update, probably more Android devices will likely have support for USB hosting. If you find any additional Android devices that can support the USB OTG adapter, or other cool USB accessories that is compatible with it, let us know!

Vincent Clarke

Vincent Clarke

Vincent graduated from the University of Hawaii in 2007 with a Bachelors in English. Vincent works as a writer and enjoys surfing and mountain climbing. Connect with Vincent on Google+ About Myself

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  • Jakov Novotni

    Can you try connecting a webcam? Some micro HD webcam would we a great help for devices with bad cameras (or tablets no cameras at all). There are some micro and zoom cameras one could mount on nexus 7 since it does not have back camera.

    • Dinesh


  • Fazliali07

    I’ve already rooted and how to enable for unsupported android hisense e860 with ics 4.0.3 to use usb otg?

    • Dinesh

      how? what  the procedure?

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  • Dinesh

    In Asus Nexus 7 tablet USB keyboard or Mouse is connected it is not detected in Tablet. how to configure the USB keyboard and mouse

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      You’ll have to root your Android device and then download the necessary drivers from the keyboard and mouse manufacturer’s website directly onto your Nexus 7 tablet. Check out my tutorial for how to root your android phone http://usbtips.com/how-to-root-an-android-phone-with-usb-otg/

  • Bora

    What about external cameras like webcam?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

       It’s possible. But you’d need to be working on a rooted Android phone or tablet.

      • Alnando

        i have a rooted android tablet. how use webcam through usb otg to tablet

  • Jorlakay

    Useful article.  I own chinese made Novo tablet which came with OTG connecting cable for external usb drive and flash drive.  The cable was faulty and I purchased blue coloured replacement [possibly usb3] which didn’t work.  Fortunately after hunting around the local IT mall, i found the black OTG connector pictured above, which works with three brands of external usb drive provided the tablet is powered.

    Why one cable works and another doesn’t remains a mystery.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

       It is a mystery sometimes! Glad you found what you needed :)

  • Didierusa06

    Good Afternoon

    My question is..Can I transfer pictures from Samsung galaxy S2 to flashdriver?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Yes, you can transfer files from the Galaxy S2 to a USB flash drive using a USB OTG adapter.

  • Rasoo776

    thanks mate, that realyy helps

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Your welcome! Thanks for reading :)

  • Joe

    does galaxy note 2 support usb otg?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Yes! The Galaxy Note II supports many of the same USB OTG features as the Galaxy SIII, including memory card readers, usb drives, and usb mice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1044142140 Oliver Saal

    How about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7” 3G+WiFi, is USB host enabled? Because I’ve recently got myself a cover with a miniUSB keyboard.

    I plugged my basic USB cord to the tablet, and then used a female USB – female miniUSB adapter to plug in the keyboard, but it doesn’t respond. Mind you that it’s miniUSB, not microUSB :)

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Yes :) The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is perfectly suited for USB OTG. The only difference is you’ll need a 30-pin to USB OTG Adapter cable specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0. Not a problem though, you can pick one up on the web for about $5 to $10.

      • Sachin

        How much high capacity drives are supported with galaxy tab 2 7.0 ?

        • Sachin

          via USB-OTG i mean…

          • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

            Pretty much any capacity will work fine. Just be aware that some of the higher capacity external hard drives need electrical power in order to run, so plugging them into your smartphone or tablet could drain their batteries fairly quickly. To avoid this, use an AC adapter with it.

  • Trish_shane

    Can I do any damage plugging an OTG cable into any device and checking if it will run something (like a keyboard or flashdrive)? Thanks

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

       If the USB device is registered and meets the USB-IF specifications, then yes, you won’t have to worry about doing any damage to your mobile phone or tablet by connecting keyboards and mice via USB OTG. 

  • Sharath Chandramouli

    Thanks for the article Vincent. A great introduction to USB OTG. Am being tempted to try connecting multiple devices using a USB hub to my Intel’s XOLO X900 Smartphone.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

       Thank you! Let us know how it works out :)

    • Ifaaf M

      Did xolo x900 supports otg cable

  • ruder

    Hello Vincent…
    thank you for your very interesting post.

    could you be more specific on the usb2ethernet adapter, is it the one shown in the picture and did you have to install a driver?

    I’m using a galaxy S3 LTE (rooted)

    thank you

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Your welcome! the one shown in the picture is only an example. I’d suggest that when you purchase your USB to Ethernet adapter, make sure that it is specifically compatible with your version of the Android OS. The BobjGear brand supplies lots of options specifically for USB to OTG adapters. 

      • Fausto

         I bought th BobjGear USB to Ethernet adapter and this didn’t work. The phone don’t recognize this adapter. I have read that the solution is to install some drivers in the SG3 but I don’t know how to do it. Could someone help me?

        • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

          Sorry to hear that Fausto! Your best bet is to contact BobjGear directly for their help. There could be a number of reasons why your phone isn’t connecting properly with the adapter, including that it could be defective altogether. But shoot them an email and hopefully they can sort it out better with you than I can. Thanks for reading! Hope it all works out well.

          • Haris1977

             Fausto, i have the same problem too. BobjGear adapter doesn’t work with Android phones (only android tablets!!). So if y find a solution please let me know

      • Haris1977

         None of the usb2ethernet adapters on the market is compatible with android phones.. Those adapters need drivers. These drivers (until now of course) do not exist. If you can take usb to ethernet driver code and port it on the android then it should be feasible. So Mr Vincent you must be 100% sure when you write smth on the internet and not giving examples that are NOT true..

  • haaziq fakier

    hi i have been looking into connecting a usb camera and recording onto a galaxy s2 handset. is this possible? 

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      You can record on your USB camera, then transfer the data file to your Galaxy S2 via USB OTG. However, you can’t record directly onto your Galaxy S2′s memory card.

  • Yuppie71

    is it possible to connect a game driving wheel via OTG?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Great question! Though I’m not entirely sure myself. In there yes, given that all the necessary drivers are installed on your rooted android phone, but in truth I’ve never encountered anyone who’s tried it. Please let me know your results if you decide to experiment with it on your own :)

  • Generation Gifts

    Can u please solve the problem,,
    i have nexus 7 and i want to share files from data traveler (USB) or Micro SD cards.
    i connect it with USB-OTG Cable but it didnt worked.. please tell me the solution.

    • Gerry Daw44

       You need to download nexus media app from google store and it will work.

      • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

        Agreed! Let me know if you need any additional help :)

  • Ziggy75g

    I found a 30 pin for my 7.7 tab that has 2 usb ports, big and little card reader and a female micro port. If i use the proper amp hook up couldni charge the tab with 1 of the usb or micro port?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      In theory, sure! I’d be very careful going through with this procedure though. There’s a very high chance that if you do not hook up your wiring correctly your device will blow out when you plug it into the OTG cable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vijayamurugan-Arumugam/100000550039204 Vijayamurugan Arumugam

    really superb article

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

       Thanks for reading Vijayamurugan! And thanks for the facebook like as well :)

  • http://twitter.com/orthodoxuk Bishop Paul Elliott

    Sounds great. I am trying to find a way to get midi out from my Galaxy S2 to control my homebuilt street organ from midi files. Would this be a way forward?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      You would need to create or download the appropriate kernel module for the specific device you’d like to use. The kernel module also needs to be made specifically for the kernel on your phone (and the phone needs to be rooted to use the kernel modules as well). Audio devices in particular can be extremely complex in this area. Unfortunately I’m not sure if anyone has been able to do it successfully.
      do it and even if they have, I can’t imagine it was an easy process.

  • Redhotiron2004

    Sounds good! But, I have not heard of any mobile or Android device that could basically print from a printer through OTG cable. The fact is that the printer have an external source of power. It just needs an input from the USB for the doc,xls files to get printed through that!

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Printing from a USB OTG

      All you need is a small USB OTG adapter, and android phone, a USB 2.0 printer cable, and a printer. The printer does not need to be Wi-Fi enabled at all. There is a lot of people who use a Samsung Android phone and when they plug everything in and hit print, they get something like “you need a Samsung printer in order to operate this function.” Other people have the problem of not getting anything at all.

      First, you’ll need to download the necessary drivers onto your mobile smart phone. When you plug in a phone to your printer via USB OTG cable, this should do this be itself. However if it doesn’t, you’ll need to root your Android phone http://usbtips.com/how-to-root-an-android-phone-with-usb-otg/ and then download the drivers from the printer manufacturer’s website.

      Once everything is set up and plugged in your android phone should recognize your printer. The problem when people try to print this way is they open an email or something, and when they press the menu and then print, the phone will say “getting printer info” and then this will normally fail saying you have to get a Samsung printer or whatever device you may be using.

      What you need to do is go to the app store and download a piece of software called “Printer Share.” It’s a brilliant piece of software that allows you to choose your printer from its vast database. You’ll also be able to choose printing from a number of outputs including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cloud, remote printer, Bluetooth, and USB OTG. Select your printer and the software should have the drivers for the printer already. If not it will just quickly download it from the Internet and begin processing your requests.

      From here, if you want to print something, open the document with Printer Share where you can select various printing options and then hit print. The printer should accept the request and print out the document. Very simple, straightforward, and easy. Let me know if you need anymore help!

  • http://twitter.com/kemaro00 Aaron

    hello vincent, i would just like to ask the hard drive that you tested working on S3 via OTG, i searched about it and the fails are > than the success. They said that some hard drives are needs power too much that S3 can’t emit enough power. Whats the size of the hard drive that you tested and what is its brand? it would be awesome if you can tell me and i will try it :) thanks.


    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Thank you for your comment Aaron :) It’s a great question. Personally, I used the Transcend 1TB StoreJet 2.5″ External USB HDD. The device has two USB connectors: one for data and the other for power. Whenever I connected the hard drive to my smartphone, it didn’t show anything, only the LED light on the HDD would turn on. But when I connected the power connector to my outlet and then connected the HDD transfer cable to the USB OTG, it would show. So the main problem with external hard drives isn’t so much about compatibility as it is about its power source. Try out an external hard drive with a secondary power source and see if that works for you.

  • Leightonrimmer04

    I have asmall key board for my tablet but the fitting is big and my fitting on my tablet is small what do I need for it to fit plz

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      I’m not entirely sure what you mean. But if you’re referring to the USB plug, make sure you’re plugging into the right port. It could be that you’re trying to plug the USB cable into the micro USB port or other charging port. For that you’ll need a USB OTG :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/melodie.turk Melodie Turk

    Vincent – Have you tried the adapter with a printer? Would be good to know if you could connect to a printer with no wireless.  Thanks.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Yes :) printers should work fine given the appropriate drivers are installed and that your smartphone or tablet is rooted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melodie.turk Melodie Turk

    Vincent – Thanks for the great article. Would you try the adapter with a printer? Been looking around to see if one of these works with a printer that’s not wireless.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Yes :) printers should work fine given the appropriate drivers are installed and that your smartphone or tablet is rooted.

  • Omega

    ho to manage the connection of a “USB to Ethernet Adapters” when connected? i have a galaxy tab 2, there is not option to enable ETHERNET DEVICES instead of WIFI

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Great question :) Maybe download a terminal emulator to access the internet settings for all connections. It should however come up automatically as a notification leading you into a system tray, but it depends on the device. I’ve never tried it on a galaxy tab 2 so far.


     Would it be possible to use a External Powered USB Hub and connect that to my Galaxy tab/harddisk, and power both tablet and harddisk while ya tablet can access harddisk?

    my goal is to be able to use the GalaxyTab along with connected devices in car ;) so want tablet to be powered too…

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      It really depends on the power of your USB hub. If it’s USB-IF certified then it shouldn’t be a problem. Keep in mind though that your Galaxy Tab will probably lose power pretty quickly. So you might want to hook everything up to a car charger.

  • Robbie

    Do you need to be rooted?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      It would depend on the smartphone and the USB device you’re using. But for the most part, yes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514149861 Michael Rowe

    Thanks for this writeup Vincent. Doing college essays, and staying connected in ethernet-only zones on deployment just got a lot lighter.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Your welcome Michael! Glad it helped :)

  • Johnkeenan

    Hi, I’m after a simple inspection camera and was wondering if I could connect a usb camera to my sgs2 any idea if this would work? Nice article by the way.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Depends on why you’re connecting the inspection camera to your smartphone. If you want to record video from the camera onto your sgs2 it probably won’t work. I personally haven’t seen an inspection camera with a USB connection to begin with, but I suppose it should work to download and view recorded files on it, given that it should work with a computer connection as well.

      • Johnkeenan

         Thanks for the quick reply, I am basically looking for something similar to this:


        Its a tenth of the price of one with a display built on and if it will link to the phone then I can use better software, just not sure if it will need a driver or have enough power supplied to it. I might just buy one and test it anyway, if I do i will let you know.

        • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

          Thanks Johnkeenan :) please let me know if it works out. The USB OTG tech has some really exciting possibilities coming up for it. It would be interesting to see if it also worked with an inspection camera.

    • K0rona

      I really want this!  Sadly Android doesn’t support USB video controllers.  You can hack it in but it’s pretty advanced:

      Hopefully someone will make an app for it some time.  It’d be worth money given how cheap the USB cams are on ebay vs the premium wifi/screen ones.

      • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

        Great find K0rona! It definitely will be cool to something like that in the future. Although probably what will be more likely is that all the newer smartphones will come with a front facing camera. Still, the megapixel count on those will probably still be around 8, so using webcam will always help :)

  • Tom

    Hi Vincent, OTG cable and a USB to Ethernet Adapter seems not to work with a Galaxy S3…any idea? Cheers Tom

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      It basically has to do with the S3 drivers. USB-OTG has backward-compatibility to standard USB2.0 so it can use any USB device it can provide enough juice for. But the kernel has to recognize the USB device and load/activate/launch its corresponding drivers. Then the uerland scripts configuring the (DHCP) IP-address and other settings have to kick in. Take a look at the SiyahKernel (www.gokhanmoral.com). It allows you to add the additional necessary drivers to the kernel, if it has not already.

      • Mike

         Hi Vincent,

        In the article you said you had the USB to Ethernet adapter working on an S3. Was this definitely the case? If so, could you please provide details? S3 version, adapter version, etc?  I’m running an unlocked int’l S3 with Samsung’s official 4.1.2 ROM, and I don’t want to tinker too much for fear of bricking my device. Many thanks!  Mike

        • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

          Hey Mike, thanks for reading my article! I used the Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 GT-I9300 International Version. The adapter is really up to you, rooting an S3 to work with a USB OTG cable isn’t entirely necessary, but when it is, there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to accidentally bricking your device.

          I recently put together a tutorial for rooting your smartphone for an USB OTG cable specifically. Please check it out here: http://usbtips.com/how-to-root-an-android-phone-with-usb-otg/

          Let me know if you have any trouble or any other questions and I’d be glad to help!

  • Lushgreenproperties

    hi would it be possible for us to connect a USB 2G Data Dongle & connect Internet to the smart phone.>? I have Android 4.04 OS .

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      It’s most certainly possible! USB-OTG has backward-compatibility to standard USB2.0 so it can use any USB device it can provide enough juice for. But the kernel has to recognize the USB device and load/activate/launch its corresponding drivers. Then the uerland scripts configuring the (DHCP) IP-address and other settings have to kick in. If it doesn’t immediately recognize the device, try taking a look at the SiyahKernel (www.gokhanmoral.com). It allows you to add the additional necessary drivers to the kernel, if it has not already.

  • orsidee

    I have a Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite and bought by eBay an extern keyboard. Do I need more to do then connect the USB from the keyboard to the tablet? Maybe click on a driver whitch I don ‘t find or must it working just like that, only connect with the USB?? Thanks for helping me.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Haven’t had too much experience with that tablet. However it is running Android OS, v4.0.4 so in theory, yes. All you’d need to do is plug it in. You might have to root it though, which means adding a driver necessary for it work. I’d say give it a try. Let me know how it goes :)

  • Saed Haji

    hi my galaxy s3 USB tethering is not work…how i can chek this one

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Probably a driver issue. Have you rooted your android phone yet? It’s not a difficult process and much safer than people give it credit for. Check out my tutorial on rooting an android phone http://usbtips.com/how-to-root-an-android-phone-with-usb-otg/ From there just download the necessary drivers or a third party app to run your application.

  • Bikestateparks

    Great article Vincent. Do you know if the new Galaxy Note 2 works with OTG?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

       Works like a charm :)

      • Jhorak

        Does the note 2 have to be rooted?

        • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

          It doesn’t have to be to work with a USB OTG adapter directly. Many applications and USB devices will work “out of the box” with the Samsung Galaxy Note II without any issues. Even if they don’t work, there are usually third party apps like Printer Share that will help them work independent of the OS. However, rooting is sometimes the better option for troubleshooting later should it come up.

  • Ishu Dohare

    Please tell that does HTC one s supports org and if not will it support otg in jellybean

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      It should support it just fine. You might have to root your phone though.

  • Drew

    I have a galaxy s2, I am just wondering what items I can connect to the s2 with this cable. I have the cable and I have tried the PS 3 controller, USB speakers, and USB flash drive. I have not had any success getting these items to work.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      A lot of people have been having the same issue with the Galaxy S2 specifically. Don’t know what it is about that phone! You need to download a specific kernel to work with your USB OTG cable. Unfortunately you’ll need to contact the maker specifically to troubleshoot that. Let me know how it goes!

  • Igortoshich

    Vincent, Hi! Nice article. I have a question for you, is it possible to transfer files via usb otg FROM the phone to a USB drive, like pictures, music etc. have you tried that? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Exporting content from the phone through an OTG cable was not a problem for us :)

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalThree Christina

    Do you think I could use the USB OTG adapter with my Kindle Fire HD and then use a Modem stick from my ISP? 

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Definitely possible. But probably more trouble than its worth.USB-OTG has backward-compatibility to standard USB2.0 so it can use any USB device it can provide enough power for. The only problem is that the kernel has to recognize the USB device and load/activate/launch its corresponding drivers. Then the uerland scripts configuring the (DHCP) ISP and other settings have to kick in. If it doesn’t immediately recognize the device, try taking a look at the SiyahKernel (www.gokhanmoral.com). It allows you to add the additional necessary drivers to the kernel, if it has not already.

  • HannahS

    I want a tablet that I can plug a webcam into to record lectures at school with (so I don’t have to hold up my tablet like an idiot). Can the galaxy note 10.1 do that?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you root the device though :)

  • Saeid GG

    My phone is Galaxy S II and I want to connect an external WiFi adapter by OTG to my phone. My OS is Jelly bean 4.1.2 now and my external WiFi Adapter chipset is Ralink RT3070. I want to use it for Backtrack5 ARM. Any one can help me?

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      If you want to run Backtrack 5 on you android device, all you’ll need is a rooted android device, 5GB of free space available on your SD card. Preferably however, you’ll want to save this onto your internal memory card since SD cards are usually formatted in FAT32. As you may know, FAT32 usually cannot hole files larger than 4GBs and this is a 5GB file. The first thing you’ll want to do is download “Terminal Emulator & Android VNC” along with the Backtrack 5 IMG file. The architecture version of this will be ARM. Then you’ll need to extract the files for both programs. Connect your Android device to your computer and create a file on the internal storage of your device and call it something like “BT5” for reference. Then transfer all the files that you’ve extracted directly onto the contents of the BT5 folder. Next you’ll want to download an app from the Google Play Store called “Busy Box” and install it. Next you’ll want to boot up Backtrack 5. Access your android device as an Admin and then navigate to your BT5 folder and launch it!

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  • dmitry

    Have you test this one?
    I try to find the way to charge my samsung tab p6800 AND use the keybord and the mouse at the same time.

    I get 2 from ebay, they doesnt work, no charging :-(

    I run old android 3.2 , no root.

  • sunil


    i have karbon A18 android 4.0.3 but its not supporting otg cable. is there any plugin is there to connect otg cable plz suggest…….

  • Fusk
    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Given that the device is officially certified by the USB-IF then by the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standard, it should be able to charge all three of your devices at once.

  • ibrahim alkeilani

    Great article.  I tried to “assemble” my own OTG cable by utilizing the micro USB to USB cable that came with my phone.  All I needed to add was a female-to-female adapter to the USB end of my cable.  But for some reason, this didn’t work.  After plugging it to the phone I noticed after ohming it out that it does not carry 5V on the expected pins.  That really puzzled me.  However, after buying and OTG cable everything works.  It is really strange although my assembled cable accomplishes the same end result (male micro USB to Female USB just like the OTG cable).  Any ideas?

    • Mike

      A simple female-female adapter won’t work because to make a USB OTG cable you’ll also need to short pin 4 to pin 5 (ground). I believe it is this that tells the device to act as the host.

  • sudarsan

    It is very useful and you have taken much pain to elaborate the usage of otg with photograph pp.let me know. OTG. Is compatible to my mobile (S.E. Arc Xperia LT15i).If so,pl. Explain in detail with illustration. Thanks. Sudarsan

  • kira7

    I have just bought this device and am trying to transfer images/video taken by the Samsung Galaxy S3 over to the flashdrive. Can any provide the process to do this. Thanks heaps in advance.

  • Harithajayasinghe

    works with xperia u

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Yes. Any android phone basically. Not sure about the Windows and iOS phones though..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000882132420 Erwin Borromeo

    how about a webcam? will it work too?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000882132420 Erwin Borromeo

    how about a webcam? will it work too? thanks…

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      Webcams will work without a problem assuming that you have a front facing camera :)

  • Ramsburgrenee

    Hi I have Comcast Wired Connection On My Desktop And I am getting a android tablet can I use that connection to get the internet? And Would I be Able to fill Out job applications,watch videos,play internet games and such? thanks for your time! 

  • Fazal

    Does the usb to enthernet work with galaxy s2.if yes than which setting to go in when we connect the adapter

  • mark omandam

    why s3 mini doesn’t support usb otg cable.?

  • Madhukanth

    Hi, I am trying to connect Pen drive to my Samsung galaxy s3 using samsung OTG cable but i am getting an error message telling that USB storage damaged try reformatting. Kindly help me out in resolving the issue. Thanks in advance.

  • helpme

    does it work on nexus 10?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.barr.96 Carol Barr

    I have a s3 mini. Can u let me know how to enable the usb otg

    • http://twitter.com/_VHClarke Vincent H. Clarke

      No problem! Assuming that you’ve already purchased your USB OTG cable and that you’ve plugged it in and it didn’t work, then your next step should be to Root your S3 Mini. Essentially you’re gaining admin access to your phone’s Android operating system this way so you can make changes and enable USB OTG.

      Check out our tutorial on rooting your s3 mini here: http://usbtips.com/how-to-root-an-android-phone-with-usb-otg/

      After that, you might want to check out this article: http://usbtips.com/how-to-figure-out-if-your-android-device-has-usb-otg-support/ — this will help you make sure that the s3 mini you have in particular supports the OTG cable you purchase beforehand.

      Let me know if you need any more help or have any other questions!

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  • vishal jadhav

    Hi am using micromax canvas 2 cellphone ICS and am trying to connect my external power supply hard drive but am getting the error “Damaged otg storage”, so enlighten me what to do. Thanks.

  • Hab Rahman

    my galaxy tab 3 7 inch is not supporting usb otg it does not recognise no messages after connecting otg Cable . . . provide solution for tht

  • orsidee

    Sorry, long time ago, but the keyboard wasn ‘t OK. I bought another one and it ‘s working perfect, so just plug-in and OK!!! Regards from Croatia

  • Arif Sarwar

    Can I connect a VGA Monitor to OTG?

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